How one can get The Reply to Life, the Universe, and Every thing in Infinite Craft


Should you thought we have been going right into a deep philosophical debate once we confirmed you easy methods to craft Rambo and Britney you haven’t seen something but. This lesson in Infinite Crafting is about getting the reply to Life, the Universe, and Every thing. By the point we get to the tip of this one, it is possible for you to to debate nearly all the pieces in a bar with strangers. Strap in, it’s an extended one.

How one can get The Reply to Life, the Universe, and Every thing

To get there we’re going to must get Riddle, Riddle of the Sphinx, and Coconut Tsunami (sure we all know, it’s Infinite Craft although and a few of it’s a bit mad). Let’s get going as a result of this has been puzzling humanity for hundreds of years.

Earth + Wind = Mud
Hearth + Water = Steam
Mud + Earth = Planet
Water + Water = Lake
Planet + Steam = Steampunk
Lake + Water = Ocean
Ocean + Steampunk = Steampunk Pirate
Earth + Water = Plant
Plant + Steampunk Pirate = Steampunk Plant
Hearth + Wind = Smoke
Smoke + Steampunk Plant = Steampunk Tree
Mud + Water = Mud
Plant + Steam = Tea
Planet + Wind = Storm
Mud + Steampunk Tree = Swamp
Storm + Tea = Tempest
Ocean + Ocean = Sea
Earth + Hearth = Lava
Plant + Swamp = Venus Flytrap
Plant + Tempest = Tree
Lava + Sea = Stone
Tea + Tempest = Storm
Steam + Steampunk Pirate = Steampunk Pirate Ship
Tree + Venus Flytrap = Carnivore
Ocean + Stone = Island
Hearth + Mud = Brick
Steampunk Pirate + Wind = Airship
Lava + Storm = Volcano
Steampunk Pirate Ship + Stone = Stonehenge
Carnivore + Swamp = Crocodile
Brick + Island = Jail
Airship + Lava = Dragon
Plant + Wind = Dandelion
Mud + Volcano = Ash
Crocodile + Stonehenge = Dinosaur
Mud + Jail = Prisoner
Dandelion + Dragon = Dragonfly
Ash + Mud = Cinder
Dinosaur + Dinosaur = Egg
Steam + Stonehenge = Time
Mud + Prisoner = Slave
Airship + Hearth = Crash
Dragonfly + Mud = Fairy
Cinder + Stone = Glass
Egg + Egg = Hen
Lake + Time = Aeon
Crash + Slave = Slavery
Fairy + Plant = Flower
Island + Tree = Palm
Hearth + Glass = Lens
Hen + Hen = Flock
Aeon + Brick = Pyramid
Crash + Slavery = Site visitors
Flower + Plant = Backyard
Palm + Steam = Palm Tree
Hearth + Lens = Magnifying Glass
Flock + Flock = Herd
Pyramid + Stone = Sphinx
Mud + Site visitors = Jam
Backyard + Swamp = Marsh
Palm Tree + Wind = Coconut
Herd + Magnifying Glass = Shepherd
Jam + Sphinx = Riddle
Tempest + Water = Tsunami
Coconut + Marsh = Coconut Milk
Riddle + Shepherd = Riddle of the Sphinx
Coconut Milk + Tsunami = Coconut Tsunami
Coconut Tsunami + Riddle of the Sphinx = The Reply To Life, The Universe, And Every thing

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