Man CALLS OUT vegan for not serving to folks!

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❗️In case you’re not vegan, you’re an animal abuser
❗️Veganism is an moral view in opposition to slavery, r*pe, torture, abuse & homicide of non-human animals. Each second you select NOT to be vegan, non-human animals are abused & murdered on YOUR behalf
❗️Animals are pressured into slaughterhouses, brutally murdered & their flesh chopped into items so that you can eat their physique elements
❗️Dairy cows are r*ped & forcibly impregnated to provide milk for people to revenue from, steal & eat (dairy). When mom dairy cows give beginning, their infants are KIDNAPPED from them & murdered in the event that they’re born male
❗️The egg business enslaves chickens & murders egg laying hens as soon as they don’t produce sufficient eggs. The newborn male chicks are macerated ALIVE the second they’re born
❗️ The flesh (meat), dairy, egg, honey, pores and skin (leather-based), wool, fur, down (feathers), scales, silk, non-human animal breeding (pets), captivity (zoos & aquariums), leisure (circuses), racing (horse & greyhounds) & testing (magnificence merchandise and many others.) industries are exploitative, abusive & UNETHICAL
❗️Do YOU select violence, abuse & homicide OR veganism?

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Tash is an animal rights activist based mostly in Perth, Western Australia. She has been featured and interviewed on varied media retailers internationally together with UniLad, New York Submit, Sky Information Australia & Piers Morgan Uncensored UK. The Undertaking and Flashpoint Australia have additionally aired featured tales about her activism on nationwide TV. Tash is thought for her distinctive and controversial fashion of activism, which she states is crucial for social consciousness and alter, as a result of civil disobedience generates consideration to animal rights by means of media publicity.


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