Researchers obtain >99% photoluminescence quantum yield in metallic nanoclusters


Mar 18, 2024

(Nanowerk Information) Professor Zhou Meng’s crew from the College of Science and Expertise of China, in collaboration with Professor Wang Quanming’s group from Tsinghua College, has made important progress within the discipline of photoluminescence. Their analysis, revealed in Science (“Close to-unity NIR phosphorescent quantum yield from a room-temperature solvated metallic nanocluster”), particulars how they achieved a photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) larger than 99% at room temperature in near-infrared emission of metallic nanoclusters in answer.

Near-unity NIR phosphorescent quantum yield from a room-temperature solvated metal nanocluster

Molecular constructions of Au22 and Au16Cu6, and construction anatomy of Au16Cu6. (Picture by Prof. ZHOU’s crew)

Gold nanoclusters (AuNCs) are promising for biomedical makes use of on account of their near-infrared (NIR) emissions. Nonetheless, their PLQY within the NIR spectrum has been disappointingly low, often underneath 10%.

To beat this, the researchers created Au22(tBuPhC≡C)18 (Au22) and its copper-doped model, Au16Cu6(tBuPhC≡C)18 (Au16Cu6), and explored their photophysical behaviors.

X-ray diffraction confirmed Au22 and Au16Cu6 have comparable constructions, with emission peaks at 690 nm and 720 nm, respectively. Remarkably, Au22 had a PLQY of 9% in air, whereas Au16Cu6’s PLQY soared to 95%, and even 100% in a deaerated answer.

Additional evaluation utilizing transient-absorption spectroscopy highlighted the excited-state dynamics of those nanoclusters, tracing their luminescence again to the triplet state. Beneath particular circumstances, Au22 exhibited a slower response, whereas Au16Cu6 confirmed speedy leisure on account of its sooner intersystem crossing price, enhanced by copper doping.

This breakthrough demonstrates the potential for reaching almost excellent PLQY with gold-copper alloy nanoclusters at room temperature, paving the way in which for his or her software in organic imaging and luminescent gadgets.


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