Single button load switches on the chip 222


The 222-microcircuit venture described earlier in [1, 2] is an analog of the 555 microcircuit. Her primary objective is the era of rectangular pulses with an adjustable fill issue and impartial frequency management. Such a chip shouldn’t be produced industrially, though it isn’t tough to assemble its structure utilizing two comparators and 5 resistors, Determine 1. The pin configuration and features chip and the everyday circuit of its inclusion are additionally proven. There are a number of units for which the 222 chip can be utilized, these are additionally given in [1, 2].

Determine 1 The interior construction of the venture of the chip 222, its pin configuration and features and a typical circuit of inclusion.

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On the premise of the chip 222, easy switching units may be created, that are turned on by briefly urgent the beginning button. The machine is turned off by urgent the identical button for an extended time. Determine 2 reveals a diagram of such a tool.

Determine 2 Switching machine managed by one button.

Within the preliminary state, a hard and fast voltage is utilized to the enter Cx of the chip (pin 2) from the resistive divider R1, R2. The voltage on the management enter ADJ (pin 5 of the chip) is zero. The voltage on the PWM output (pin 4) can also be zero. Transistor Q1 is closed, the load Rload is de-energized. The capacitor C1 is charged through the contacts of the button S1 to the availability voltage of the machine. When the S1 button is briefly pressed, the voltage from the charged capacitor C1 enters the ADJ enter (pin 5 of the chip). The voltage on the PWM output (pin 4) will increase to the availability voltage of the machine and thru the resistor R3 enters the enter ADJ (pin 5) of the chip. The state of the chip is fastened, a continuing excessive voltage degree seems at its output and stays. When transistor Q1 switches its state, the load is related to the ability supply.

With a view to flip off the load, it’s essential to press the S1 button once more, holding it within the pressed place for an extended time. Capacitor C1 will discharge to resistor R5 and R6 to a voltage beneath the switching voltage of the chip 222, the machine will return to its unique state.

The second model of the machine, Determine 3, works on a special precept. When the S1 button is pressed, the U1 222 chip the state is being switched, the load is related to the ability supply. You’ll be able to return the machine to its unique state by briefly urgent the S2 button. Formally, it is a two-button machine that performs the function of a thyristor.

Determine 3 A pseudo-thyristor machine on a 222 chip.

The next Determine 4 reveals a mixed load management scheme. You’ll be able to allow and disable the load by urgent the S1 button for a brief or very long time. Additionally, the load may be turned off by a short-term reset of the availability voltage when urgent the S2 button.

Determine 4 Is a mixed machine for push-button switching on and off of the load utilizing the 222 chip.

Michael A. Shustov is a health care provider of technical sciences, candidate of chemical sciences and the creator of over 750 printed works within the area of electronics, chemistry, physics, geology, drugs, and historical past.

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